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The Dorn Method for dogs, cats, and horses and their masters.

in my care

Have you ever suffered from a backache? Two-legged or four-legged client - there is no big difference. Their bodies work nearly the same. Just a man stands up straight like a pole whereas an animal is like a bridge on four pillars.

The Dorn Method which I apply is a gentle manual therapy able to bring back perhaps to all vertebrates the joy of movement. While actively cooperating, clients have their bones, joints, and vertebrae put back to the right position. Recommendation: Use the Dorn Method as a prevention of possible future problems with your or your pet’s musculoskeletal system. Your pet or you personally can best enjoy the preventive care at least once or twice a year.



dornova metoda

The therapy first takes care of patient’s legs, then goes to the pelvis, over to the spine, and finally the head. You should count between one or two hours - it depends on how much care the body will ask for.

cupping therapy

Part of the Dorn Therapy is cupping of the spine if the application is desirable (for example caved - in vertebrae, spasm, kissing spine, etc.). It involves shaving your pet’s fur in an adequate scale.


Essential oil singles or blends tailored to patients' needs help to balance the body and mind. You can apply them to the skin, ears, mouth or internally, it can support and treat patients’ musculoskeletal system.


the dorn method

One hour of therapy 500 CZK. For animals in shelters for free.

cupping therapy

Cupping included in the price of the therapy. Individual additional cupping 250 CZK


The price depends on which kind of Young Living Essential Oils is applied.

messages from the clients

Tess, the Yorkshire Terrier, 7 yrs

Tess the “Big Boss Terrier” happened to get paralyzed from the neck down out of the blue. No findings on X-ray images. In a course of a year, Veronika has been helping us to get her back on her feet. Nearly a year after the collapse she seems to be at the end of the way to fully recover.

Charlie, the King Poodle, 7 yrs.

Charlie suffered a knee injury when playing with a dogs' pack. Yet X-ray showed no fracture. However not stepping on the knee caused a rotation of the pelvis and twisted posture with spasms. Little by little Veronika has been putting his bones to the right position. Visible progress every session.

Mrs. Bíšová, 70 yrs

I have been cured with scoliosis ever since I was a child. This year I have got to know the Dorn Method and has undergone three treatments so far. I feel literally resurrected. It is a miracle that in my age and with my diagnosis I can feel so good. I only regret that I learned about this therapy so late.


animal therapy

2014 DM for dogs (Dunová)
2015 Recommended therapist of DM (Dunová)
Canine Touch I. (Ruddock)
2016 DM for horses (Dunová)
2019 Applied Psychology I (Malinová)

human therapy

2015 DM Plus (Prouzová, Púry),
Workshops DM Plus (Trojanová, Dunová),
Raindrop Technique
2016 VHT 1 (Palmer)
2018 Osteodynamika I a II (Dunová)


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